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6Q improves work lives and office morale of companies across the globe by connecting leaders to employees through our innovative six question surveys.

Receive actionable feedback and measure the mood of your team in literally a few minutes, choosing a frequency that suits your organisation; weekly, bi-weekly or every four weeks.

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Better teamwork
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Peer recognition system

Our High Five system endorses better teamwork and gratitude between employees.

Professional question library

Over 200 employee survey questions to choose from or create your own custom questions.

User friendly surveys

Increase employee responses by selecting from our anonymous or individual survey types.

Sort by segments

Gain better insights by segmenting data by teams, locations or any filters you like.

Works on all devices

Designed to work on mobile, desktop or tablet. Use 6Q at the office, on the beach or anywhere you are in the world!

Detailed reports

Our email and web-based reports provide actionable insights into your team sentiment.


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Trusted by over 1,207 organisations, including:

Seven West Media
Brooklyn Boulders

What people are saying

6Q is one of Australia's 100 most innovative products released in 2015.

SMART100 Awards 2015

An employee feedback system focused on building positive company culture and increasing employee engagement.


It’s manageable both for employers, who don’t have to deal with an overwhelming amount of data to gauge how their staff is feeling, and for employees, who only need to spend a few minutes on the app to let their boss know how they’re going.

Startup Daily

6Q gives businesses the chance to understand how their employees feel and why by gathering feedback in a fun, meaningful, and actionable way that makes employees feel valued and appreciated.

The Australian

See for yourself how 6Q helps boost employee engagement, create positive company culture and increase employee retention and profits. Get started free.